How is hip flexor related to back pain?

If you have back pain, you should stretch the hip flexors. We have all heard that. But why does it make sense to mobilize the hip flexor?

To do this, we must first differentiate. When we talk about hip flexors, we must realize that there is more than one. We are talking about the Psoas Major.

According to, this arises from the 12th thoracic vertebrae, the first four lumbar vertebrae, and the corresponding intervertebral discs and attaches to the thigh together with the iliacus.

According to its course, it fulfills several functions-

  1. One needs to bend the hip
  2. A lateral inclination of the spine with one-sided tension and
  3. a ventral flexion.

With its origins on the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, it fulfills another function-it is one of the most important stabilizers of the lumbar spine.

If the Psoas Major is now very firm, two things happen-

  1. Compression is applied to the vertebral bodies in the lumbar spine,
  2. The spine is pulled into a hollow cross.
  3. It is, therefore, understandable to want to stretch the hip flexor.
  4. However, the hip flexor is shortened but hardly develops any strength. It is too weak. The practice has shown that stretching a weak muscle is not a good idea.

But where does the shortening of the hip flexor come from?

If we look at our everyday life, we will quickly see why the hip flexors are often shortened. Excessive sitting has consequences for us that we can feel all over. The human musculoskeletal system is designed for upright posture on two legs.

Walking on two legs is also a natural way of getting around. The hip-flexing and hip-stretching muscles work together as a team to move the legs and move people around. The muscles work, contract, and relax. You work as a team and are in a balance of power.

That is why walking is also balm for the back. With regular walking, the muscles regain their original function. Muscles lose their function due to excessive sitting. You no longer work. Often become too weak.

But the stability of the spine is extremely important. That is why our hip flexors are often given a protective voltage and feel shortened. But they are not. You are simply too weak. However, it is not to wise to stretch a muscle that is too weak. You need to make your muscles stronger with different exercises, then gradually pull it. If you are having pain for a hip flexor, you will get relief from it by exercising regularly.

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